The title says it bluntly. It exposes the overflow of the current presidency to your socks. It puts on stage, under the spotlight of history that spins, the ethical shortcomings of a decomplexed potentate, fed on Kentucky Fried Chicken. And it’s carnage!

The current president and businessman is quite a caricature, highly underperforming contrary to his fantasies. He doesn’t even have the charisma of a street sweeper. Narcissistic, obese and full of himself, Trump has defied all possible conventions and analyses since he took office in the White House. Such is the present situation… We are swimming in chaos after four years devoted to the deconstruction of a nation by a mad pilot directing his political impulses according to his personal needs. Yet Trump remains the man many Americans still vote for (42%), and we never cease to be amazed by this unconditional support on their part – according to extensive academic studies, we have been able to assess their average IQ: overall, fools and ignoramuses (Political Psychology, Katarzyna Jasco; Stanford Educational Data Archive, Average IQ of Trump voters; and Bobby Azarian Ph, D’s article, Mind The Machine: An Analysis of Trump Supporters 5 key Traits). Is this any surprise? It is therefore in a context of high tension that our neighbors are heading towards the November 3rd elections, with the non-negligible risk of tipping over into total dictatorship and perhaps even into the savage fury of a second civil war, which, technically, is already underway when we look at the facts objectively. The addition of one man’s bigotry and incompetence, supported by a pathetic Republican party in identity crisis, will have helped to trash the country and its previously fairly effective ¨check and balance¨ system. Under Trump, the constitution is nothing but a rag. Lying has become a trademark and many scandals have followed: an amusing way to make news, culminating in unworkable policies. Ultimately immunized by the repetition of their president’s antics, nothing seems to shock the audience anymore. Apathy has taken over the reins, even though the evening news is gnashing its teeth. The America of the show simply spreads itself, wall to wall, in every possible direction. In 2020, the ship is sinking, without sail or rudder, while the crew, heavily hypnotized by the illusion of their manifest destiny, still clings to the glorious narrative of a history tainted by a pretentious, revisited and blind collective lyricism. This sacralized version of their history, with which the entire nation is draped, is told over and over again from generation to generation, to keep the fire of a torch long since dimmed, if not in Hollywood movies, where we are presented with America and the American people as well-meaning heroes always triumphant over temporary pitfalls. Even if Trump loses this next election, the empire and its moral, economic and military pretensions are over. We are now witnessing the end of a cycle whose consequences will be unfortunate, unpredictable in their scope, far beyond the continent. This will lead to major changes, including a democratic retreat in Western countries that are already teetering on the brink of authoritarianism, thanks also to a political class whose corporatist orientations are barely concealed. As for finance, if we look closely at the central bank system, it is grey that dominates the sky. The possible introduction of a new currency following the indebtedness of states is simply no longer an impossible scenario. In addition to these elections and their outcome, the American society will continue its mutations which are already making the sauce rise. We will verify concretely the probable and improbable scenarios that will be actualized, in spite of ourselves, with the next events following the results… Fasten your seatbelt! On a socio-ethnological level, the face of America has changed significantly in the last 10 years and the rise of certain conservative ideologies is a good example. These ultimately expose the lines of a demographic divide and a paradigm shift in the distribution of class power that tarnish relationships. If some of the enlightened are screaming about conspiracies and the need to rebel (in the event of a Trump defeat), it is simply that their weakened power base makes them vulnerable and it is important to create a universe of their own in which the brain retains the podium at all costs. WASPs no longer dominate the political spectrum! Several previously marginalized ethnic groups have gained power, and their market rise challenging old political, social and ideological habits.
Blacks and Hispanics now have a say and their presence can no longer be silenced. The resentment on the ground is measured. The fear is palpable. And the mistakes of the past carry heavy consequences.

The ideological counterbalance to the forces of the right is being exercised, however, via an exacerbated militancy on the part of the ¨liberals¨ who respond to attacks, violence, and provocations; but dissatisfaction remains the common denominator in this ragged community.

The confrontational America we see in the streets today is a premise for the conflicts of tomorrow.

The divide polarizes the debate. Either one is against police violence, or one is for tougher law enforcement by its representatives, or one is for racial equality, or one denies the deleterious effects of any past and present segregation, or one is against the unbridled economy whose cold blindness is decapitating our planet, or one supports the primacy of oil companies, denying climate change as much as the environmental decline that undermines our destiny, etc.

Since 2016, Trump has been flaying our violins and alliances have collapsed around the world; this vacuum has made room for certain political intrusions. One thinks of China, among others, which has taken advantage of the situation and the corresponding new geopolitical realities.

The world is a puzzle of incongruities, and the contradictions between an elusive truth and a dizzying fiction are exposed. People desperate for the ineptitude and failures of this disconnected political class come to misunderstand everything, unable to correctly discriminate between the false and the true. They have been lied to so much.

Magic solutions are popular in the West, and even more so in a country like the United States, where Disney’s magical thinking prevails. The expansion of religious power is one of the most obvious aspects of this drift, while science, however, has not ceased to defeat this dogmatic nonsense, which has always divided us.

Trump is the 45th president. Since the constitutional foundations, there has been a democratic sequence that has been respected by all political participants, regardless of their ideological orientations. That too may be changing…

Trump is covertly supporting certain groups (militias) determined to engage in violent action against the opposition in the event of a Democratic victory. General James Mattis had this to say recently: Trump is the only president who is not out to bring Americans together.

In fact, Trump doesn’t care about the truth or the rules.

Grab Them By The Pussy!

Psychiatrists across the United States have decried the man’s instability and obvious shortcomings. This warning about his ability to govern has been obscured, but the planet is in unison in noting the senescence of the crude character!

The dirty shadow has contaminated the political scene like never before. Who would have believed it? Who could have anticipated that an American president would act in this way, without the slightest regard for the constitution and its democratic guidelines.

As for the Republicans, in the next few years, they risk cardiac arrest as a political grouping. Their future is simply not guaranteed. The idiocy of their logically unfounded positions, and their delusional supporters, now risk dragging the country down by dint of an internal ideological bludgeoning that has taken its toll.

If some individuals – Republicans of allegiance – sanction the Republicans today, and reserve their vote for the Democrats rather than blindly subscribing to their party’s drift, and the Democrats win the election on November 3, nothing will be settled. Not to mention the result itself, which could delay beyond November 3 – as was the case in 2000 (Bush vs. Gore).

Moreover, the lousy policy agenda offered by the Biden team is not galvanizing. It is mediocrely neutral. This is appalling in the context: courage and boldness would have been appreciated.

The statistics seem to give the Democrats a decisive victory, even in the swing states. Is it said that a tsunami is to be expected? The ideological succession, led by brilliant young politicians in the Democratic Party, has been held back, however, and they will have little influence on the direction of this new administration, which smells like a coffin.

Biden is old. And he too is not always in full control of his cognitive faculties.

To get it right, don’t forget your siphon and rubber boots. Because as we said at the beginning of the game: the bowls are overflowing!
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