Presentation of the offer

Do you need a little help to better interact on the different markets? Are you still lacking that little something decisive to trade with aplomb? Looking for the right adjustments? Perfect! We have the right plan for you.

We understand your requirements. Supporting your efforts to improve your performance and save time? No stress! Orbital Trading will satisfy your most legitimate ambitions.

Our mentoring formulas come in different formats as there are different profiles among aspiring traders.

“Sprint” towards financial autonomy

Under the supervision of an experienced trainer, we will plan your personal roadmap together. We will start the work that will guarantee your success.

All our training courses can be taken on ZOOM.

Of course, we will take into account your professional constraints. 

What does mentoring involve?

  • Planning of an adapted didactic strategy; subject and method adjusted to the student. Objectives and deadlines determined in advance to save time and maximize efficiency. We will see together everything that needs to be implemented to quickly reach your personal objectives; everything will be detailed and the planning will be shared with you by PDF.
  • Integration of key notions and specific practices according to the planning orientations.
  • Rigorous fundamental analysis and profitable technical analysis, according to the rules of the art. Keeping a logbook (Excel file)
  • Mastery of the notions related to strategies and portfolio management.
  • Several blocks of hours are offered to you.
  • Working on your weaknesses as well as your strengths and “trading live” has never been easier.

Take advantage of our room to study and relax!

  • Kitchenette and tables are available to our members
  • Large indoor/outdoor rest area. Our center is located on the Plateau Mont-Royal.
  • 2 conference rooms
  • “Trading Desk Computer equipment, blackboards, television/projectors

Orbital Trading will also offer you off-camera practices during your stay with us. These free sessions are broadcast by ZOOM and are in addition to private or group training.

Come in today or contact us for more information. We will draft a list of procedures for your personal plan.

Our philosophy is based on simplicity and our desire to give you more and better. First, we want to create a community of competent traders by sharing our knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of misinformation that is so prevalent in our field. Secondly, it is essential to establish a direct and transparent contact with all our members. It is by building on these foundations that we have been able to maintain our ascension and ensure, since 2016 (date of the foundation of Orbital Trading), such a degree of quality. 90% of our students come out winners from a stay with us. The figures speak for themselves.

The Orbital Trading quality requirement

At Orbital we are committed to producing quality training and giving people quality education. We are proud to have 90% of our students graduate from our course with positive market results.

To achieve this we have focused on several things that we feel are essential to our institution:

  • The courses can be repeated several times, this allows us to benefit from certain updates and to review certain chapters that may have been misunderstood.
  • The community is very important to us, that’s why we have a room to meet during the courses and at other times, we also have discussion groups to allow all the new and old students to exchange in case of questions or common work.


The use of the hours taken is completely free, following an appointment with the trainer.

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