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Trading is everywhere, on everyone’s lips, on YouTube and elsewhere. It is definitely a trendy activity and this is even more true today, in this particular context of growing uncertainties. Many people are eager, it seems, to engage in stock market speculation because they aspire to a freedom of action associated with this profession like no other. But objectively, few manage to do so without losing their shirts.

The reasons that motivate individuals of all ages to want to take up the challenge of the markets are multiple and personal enough to not be able to list them all here. But let’s just say for sure that you need to know what to do and how to do it if you are consistent.

Learning to trade the rules of the art, efficiently and methodically, is possible! And it can be learned!

That’s why we invite you to take our BECOMING A TRADER course, which is aimed at beginners as well as intermediates. If you want to integrate all the essential notions in order to systematize your approach, then you are at the right school.

Our goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls that are so characteristic of intelligent but ill-prepared candidates. Because if you go about it in a haphazard way, you won’t succeed.

The highest standards of performance guide Orbital Trading. Our teaching approach is based on constant improvements to our programming, as new developments occur. The success of over 90% of our students speaks for itself, echoing our attention to detail and our desire to satisfy you by giving you more. Our approach is straightforward. We provide you with the skills you need by shedding light on the shocking and thorny facts about trading. Nothing will be left to chance. All will be seen, weighed, analyzed, criticized, in the friendliness of the group.

At Orbital Trading, the student progresses in stages. The material is presented in a well-defined sequence, alternating constantly between theoretical presentations (market analyses) and practical exercises. Everything must be presented in a coherent order. The understanding must be exhaustive, without limitation. Afterwards, you will be able to act. You will have acquired this mastery of fundamental and technical analysis, the pillar of a smooth approach, in addition to having a broader vision of the rigors and pitfalls of the various markets.


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