Why did you get interested in trading?

I got interested in trading because I want to be my own boss, not to depend on an employer and the damn constraints that are rarely to our advantage.
Trading offers freedom of action if you know how to do it. My father and I took the training at Orbital Trading for these reasons. We quickly realized that he knew what he was talking about… We don’t regret it.

What was your level at the beginning?

At the beginning, my level was null (same thing for my father), I had no idea of the procedures to follow, how to make a fundamental and technical analysis, how to build a strategy corresponding to statistics, nor how to manage my positions… The school opened our eyes. Warnings and expertise count! Now I’m in an intermediate-advanced class, still with my father. The program: market profile, options… It’s something else! It’s our future that we’re organizing as a family ¨team¨. We take it seriously.

Thanks to the course, we saved time and money. That’s for sure. When I was a kid, I saw the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas: it made me dream… becoming a trader. Wow! At first, that was the only thing I really knew about trading. Now I can say that I can trade forex, stocks… As for my father, he was already familiar with finance.

Where are you now?

Not informed

Were your expectations fulfilled?

Yes, we wanted to learn how to trade and that’s what we did after our training… We got wall-to-wall support. We had hours and hours of practice. In the end, it made us progress a lot. Quite a difference from when we started. Even better… The training exceeded our expectations.

Your opinion on the training

Our training 1 is now complete. We learned the distinctions between the markets and the different exchanges, the dangers related to certain specific environments. There is a lot of theory but the emphasis is also on practice, so the information is well digested.

In addition, the trainer is there for us. If you have questions in class, on Zoom or at home, you will get answers right away. All of these things made it easy for us to learn at Orbital Trading. The trainer has many years of experience as a trader and he conveys his knowledge in an understandable and accurate way. He is available for his students at all times. The atmosphere here is very good and you can make friends.

Are you an active trader today?

No at the moment, we are doing simulations but we are about to start trading for real at the beginning of 2021. We have done all our homework, today we are ready!

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