Why did you get interested in trading?

Mainly to be able to manage my own savings instead of going through a bank. I wanted to generate better returns and I did!

What was your level at the beginning?

Before starting the trading course at Orbital Trading, let’s say I had already traded stocks for two years through my brokerage account at the National Bank. I was taking long term positions with some companies. I was slowly discovering a real interest in the financial markets. That said, I didn’t know much about it: I had cold sweats a few times following some ill-advised choices. This was before my training. Respecting precise rational rules and understanding what you are doing is essential to perform well on a regular basis.

Where are you now?

I have come a long way. I have solved several problems including some factors related to emotions (tension, fear, lack of confidence, insecurity). Now I do swing and intraday trading by managing 100% of my portfolio. I am the one who analyzes, prepares and acts. I place buy and sell (short) orders. I feel more and more comfortable with it.

Were your expectations fulfilled?

100%, and I am not exaggerating. Not only have I learned a lot about the stock market, but I have also grown as an individual. Although I am a professional, I am an engineer, I still had a poor grasp of risk management. Now I know what I am doing and I am continuing my learning.

Your opinion on the training

I think the course is for anyone who is just starting out and wants to learn how to trade intelligently (I’m talking about course 1 here, not the more advanced courses). If you have savings and are looking to make them grow, save yourself time and money by progressing according to a real game plan: Orbital Trading is your place. The follow-up provided makes the difference, we are followed, we answer our questions, etc… The atmosphere is super friendly, we make friends and we share our analysis and impressions. Course 1 covers all the aspects of the profession that must be mastered if you want to become a trader capable of dealing with the most difficult situations and becoming financially independent in the short, medium and long term. Because that is the goal!

Are you an active trader today?

As I said, I trade but I still do too little compared to what I really want to do. I still work for a firm and my job is still very demanding, hours and hours. But I will manage to increase the pace… It will surely become my next job and it may be soon… Trading is a passion, when I retire (very young), I will be able to devote myself to it 100%.

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